World’s Most Valuable Coins

World’s Most Valuable Coins

Ever wonder the prices of the worlds most valuable coins? Well here you go.

1933 Double Eagles

World's most expensive coin

The 1933 Double Eagles were minted in the year 1933. 445,000 of these coins were created. But this was the time during the great depression. President Franklin Roosevelt took the United states off the gold standard and all of these coins were ordered to be smelted. But a few of them escaped the governments grasp. One of them that escaped became auctioned off July 30,2002 and was sold for $6,600,000, plus a 15% buyers fee, which turns the price into a whopping $7,590,020.  This coin was created by an American sculpture by the name of Augustus Saint-Gaudens. There is said to be 10 more of these coins left in the world, unknown to the government their current position.

The most Expensive Penny in the world

1793 Sheldon NC-1 Chain cent

Most Expensive Penny

The most expensive U.S. penny in the world is the 1793 Sheldon NC-1 Chain cent. Said to be the rarest penny, the coin is worth more then most peoples homes, $275,000. Only 4 of these penny’s of this particular variety are known to exist today, but before continuation, counting together all of the 5 different variety’s of chain cents, there are a total of 2,000 penny’s survive today.

Most expensive Nickel in the world

1913 “V” Nickel

The 1913 V nickel is the most expensive 5 cent coin in earth. This coins origins are surrounded by mystery. There were only 5 of these nickels made, hence the roman number V in the title. These coins were never supposed to be made, instead of Liberty’s head being on the coin, it was supposed to be the Indians head. Being one of the most sought after coins in history, the price of this nickel keeps rising, and was sold most recently for $3,000,000.

The most expensive dime in the world

1894-S Barber Dime

This coin was recently sold for $1,900,000. But that is not the most surprising fact of this story. A man by the name of John Dagget minted 24 of these coins, and gave 7 bankers 3 coins each. The last 3 to his daughter. Who used one of them to buy ice cream. Little did she know that they would be worth nearly $2,000,000 one day.

Most quarters are minted, so their value drops drastically if minted in large quantities.

But here is a chart of the 50 state’s quarters, and each of there prices.

Date – State          Value    Date – State Value
1999-P Delaware 0.40   2004- P Iowa 0.29
1999-D Delaware 0.40   2004- D Iowa 0.29
1999-P Pennsylvania 0.40   2004- P Wisconsin 0.28
1999-D Pennsylvania 0.40   2004- D Wisconsin 0.28
1999-P New Jersey 0.35   2005-P California 0.28
1999-D New Jersey 0.35   2005-D California 0.28
1999-P Georgia 1.20   2005-P Minnesota 0.28
1999-D Georgia 1.30   2005-D Minnesota 0.28
1999-P Connecticut 0.62   2005-P Oregon 0.28
1999-D Connecticut 0.62   2005-D Oregon 0.28
2000-P Massachusetts 0.30   2005-P Kansas 0.28
2000-D Massachusetts 0.32   2005-D Kansas 0.28
2000-P Maryland 0.30   2005-P West Virginia 0.28
2000-D Maryland 0.31   2005-D West Virginia 0.28
2000-P South Carolina 0.36   2006-P Nevada 0.28
2000-D South Carolina 0.40   2006-D Nevada 0.28
2000-P New Hampshire 0.30   2006-P Nebraska 0.28
2000-D New Hampshire 0.28   2006-D Nebraska 0.28
2000-P Virginia 0.28   2006-P Colorado 0.28
2000-D Virginia 0.28   2006-D Colorado 0.28
2001-P New York 0.28   2006-P North Dakota 0.28
2001-D New York 0.28   2006-D North Dakota 0.28
2001-P North Carolina 0.34   2006-P South Dakota 0.28
2001-D North Carolina 0.31   2006-D South Dakota 0.28
2001-P Rhode Island 0.34   2007-P Montana 0.25
2001-D Rhode Island 0.30   2007-D Montana 0.25
2001-P Vermont 0.35   2007-P Washington 0.25
2001-D Vermont 0.29   2007-D Washington 0.25
2001-P Kentucky 0.39   2007-P Idaho 0.25
2001-D Kentucky 0.39   2007-D Idaho 0.25
2002-P Tennessee 0.95   2007-P Wyoming 0.25
2002-D Tennessee 0.95   2007-D Wyoming 0.25
2002-P Ohio 0.30   2007-P Utah N/A
2002-D Ohio 0.28   2007-D Utah N/A
2002-P Louisiana 0.28   2008-P Oklahoma N/A
2002-D Louisiana 0.28   2008-D Oklahoma N/A
2002-P Indiana 0.32   2008-P New Mexico N/A
2002-D Indiana 0.29   2008-D New Mexico N/A
2002-P Mississippi 0.31   2008-P Arizona N/A
2002-D Mississippi 0.31   2008-D Arizona N/A
2003-P Illinois 0.68   2008-P Alaska N/A
2003-D Illinois 0.65   2008-D Alaska N/A
2003-P Alabama 0.32   2008-P Hawaii N/A
2003-D Alabama 0.32   2008-D Hawaii N/A
2003-P Maine 0.32   2009-P Washington, DC *
2003-D Maine 0.29   2009-D Washington, DC *
2003-P Missouri 0.30   2009-P Guam *
2003-D Missouri 0.30   2009-D Guam *
2003-P Arkansas 0.29   2009-P Puerto Rico *
2003-D Arkansas 0.29   2009-D Puerto Rico *
2004-P Michigan 0.29   2009-P U.S. Virgin Islands *
2004-D Michigan 0.29   2009-D U.S. Virgin Islands *
2004-P Florida 0.29   2009-P N. Mariana Islands *
2004-D Florida 0.28   2009-D N. Mariana Islands *
2004-P Texas 0.29   2009-P American Samoa *
2004-D Texas 0.29   2009-D American Samoa *

Note: These prices are the most recent available.

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mandolinfan, posted this comment on May 31st, 2009

Holy cow i didn’t know coins could be so expensive! That’s so interesting, nice work bud.

Christ!, posted this comment on Jun 4th, 2009

The funny part is the government could take dumps and as long as they said it was worth something then it would be, hence the dollar bill.

8Shei8, posted this comment on Mar 18th, 2010

Good information. I do collect coins but the ones I have are not worth much.

Groucho, posted this comment on Jun 25th, 2010

How come the world’s most valuable coins are all American.

Does this make sense?

What are the chances that they could all come from the same country???

Scott Baughn, posted this comment on Dec 20th, 2010

Groucho, The reason the most expensive coins in the world are all from the united states, is because we are the only people in the world with nothing better to do with our money than pay crazy ammounts for things like coins. Other countries like to spend their money on things like food, or guns and bombs and things like that. We create the market that make the coins cost so much, if no one cared about them they would be worthless.

paul martin, posted this comment on Jan 25th, 2011

i have a 1942 nazi coin with a bird holding a nazi symbol with a 10 on the front how much is it worth.

smeeg, posted this comment on Feb 11th, 2011

It might be worth maybe 80,000 depending on how rare it is.

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